P h i l o s o p h y

As a premier talent
marketing and development consultancy,
we pride ourselves for doing things
professionally and creatively.

It’s not just about managing talents –
it’s about leveraging on their skills
and expertise and providing a platform where
the talent can communicate and enhance
their marketability.

Aquila Emas was set up to do things differently –
we are not an “artiste manager”, but we
provide integrated management, marketing
and development services to ensure that
celebrities, personalities and
other talents can focus on
what they do best –
using their talent efficiently
for the betterment of
their career.


V i s i o n

Aquila Emas aims to be the premier
and reputable integrated talent marketing and development consultancy with unrivalled
standard while spearheading industry
transformation with innovative
and creative approaches.

M i s s i o n

Aquila Emas has set these mission in
ensuring that it continues to be
at the forefront of talent management, marketing
and development. Aquila Emas aims to:

* Lead the industry with innovation and
professionalism to achieve a higher standard.

* Expand the Aquila Emas network and
business partners, thus providing its stable
of talents with wider and better market
and constant demand.

* Continue establishing good rapport with
the media and other industry partners
to ensure that Aquila Emas talents continue
to have good exposure and mindshare.

* Create platforms where our talents can
showcase their skills and expertise.

* Initiate developmental and integrated management
programmes that our talents can improve their
skills, competency and eventually lead to a
better career prospect and branding.